Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am on mobile

Yes... I know I said I'm back more than 6 month ago and that's it.. Hehehe

Honestly I don't know what kept me busy. But i certainly dont have time to open up my pc, check my mail, open up blogger and update something.

Anyway, now that I do own an iPhone, I certainly hope that I will have more time for this. Or at
least to check my fren's blog.

For a start, let me tell u how I can afford an iPhone. This smart phone only cost me rm70. Yes!! U read it rite.. Rm70 ONLY!!!

See, that's the beauty of being a banker in a wellknown bank. Hehee. All the telecommunication companies berebut2 nak buat promo. And of course the staffs pun berebut2 nk dapatkn promo.. Hehehe

So si Gomok Kuning came to the office abt 3 weeks ago. At first xde la minat sgt since i already owned a Blackberry (from Celcom who have the lousiest Acct Manager and the second ridicolous billing system EVER!!)- waiting time to have it disconnected. Lagi 6 bulan.

Berbalik kepada cerita kononnya nak TENGOK je promo tu. Sekali tgk terus tertambat hati. Rm70!!! Just pay rm70 and u wil get a white 16gb iPhone 4!!! Btw i chose white colour coz black for me is too comman. Ocha n apiq n azul is having black ip. So let's have some white to balance it. Hahahaha

So itu la cerita ip. Tp setelah 2 minggu pki, saya masih lg Still learning and Apple system is not user freindly for me. Berapa kali asik kene marah je sbb xpaham. Uhuk2!

Sian Kita Wak!!! Hehehhe