Thursday, May 28, 2009


* I think I know you just because we are close, but I don't coz we all will change.

* I feel like telling you rite to your face, but I wont coz I know you will get hurt.

* I hope you would know me better, but you don't maybe coz you dont want to.

*I'm confuse between being myself or to be what people want me to be.

*I'm hurt when people misunderstood me, but I can't change how they feel about me.

*I need someone to listen to what REALLY I have inside, but the only person who can listen is gone.

*I really want people to try to understand what I really want. Not assume what I want. Please ask and understand why I acted such way.

* I just dont know what to do and need guidance

MOST OF THE TIMES............

* I hurt people unintentionally.

* I menyusahkan orang tanpa sebab.

* I dont appreciate people's help (so someone said)

* I'm broke....hehehehe


* I will avoid self betrayal

* I will apply the law of straight line

* I need to stop to please others and start to be kind to myself. (I know you will say...'please' others? Like Duh?? But hey... never assume you know me)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I dont usually consider myself 'busy'in the office. Yes I have work. Yes I have datelines. Yes I have issues with work. Yes I feel busy BUT I never felt so 'uncontrollably' busy.


Not Customer Service Executive!!! Crisis Simulation Exercise.

I am suppose to assist Af on this. It's her baby. I enjoy doing it. But masa terlalu suntuk. I only wish the task was given to me earlier. Well, your bos don't trust that you can do it. So what to do. Diam jer la. I still remember what my bos told me. This thing is too big for me... Like Duh!!!!
I wont be asking something that I feel I cant do. But what ever it is, this thing is really making me occupied. Makan, minum, mandi, tido now all about CSE. So many things to do with so little time. But I believe we can make it. I hope I am a great help to Af.

Well, how busy I am pun dgn keje, weekend is Family Time. NO MATTER WHAT. My ex bos once told me that sometimes we have to put aside our family. Work comes first. Because without work we cant maintain a family (reason paling bodoh aku penah dgr). But HELL NO!!!. No matter what my family comes first. And the best part is, my ex bos told me that when I applied for Unpaid Leave sebab nk jaga Arwah MAMA. Double Bodoh!!.

(enuff cursing ppl)

So our weekend biasa la... gi jln2, sini sana. Kekadang tak de haluan. So antara tmpt yang kami sekeluarga (Ocha's fly) pergi is:

1) Pantai Jeram - port seafood baru. 20 mins from Pekan Kapar.

2) Went for book sale - The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

Gler murah. On average the book price is RM8. The dictionary is from RM5 - RM20. Bukan kamus bodoh2. Like MacMillan's OK!!!! Tak caya?

Total semua ni tak smpi RM400 OK!!!. Try la beli kat MPH. Mau Riban!!

Budak2 punya. Kamus Hijau RM5, Kamus Biru RM8, Kamus Merah RM10

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kepada semua kawan2 ku, sedara2 ku, adik beradik ku dan seluruh warga dunia yang bergelar Ibu....

"Selamat Hari Ibu"

Kepada mereka yang masih mempunyai ibu, pesanan penaja adalah....
Hargailah setiap detik dan ketika anda bersama ibu anda. Kerana yang pasti..detik itu tidak akan kekal. Dan apabila detik itu berlalu, anda pasti merindui / menangisi saat2 itu. Percaya laaa....

Kepada mereka yang telah kehilangan Ibu.....
Buat la apa yang patut. Paling penting sedekah la apa yang patut. Agar mereka senang dan tenang disana. Tak guna ditangisi mereka yang telah pergi...
(ni pesanan penaja utk diri sdr)