Sunday, July 20, 2008

The preparation @ MAGIC operation room a.k.a Karaoke room / Recreation room (5th Floor). 2 days before the event. Antara activiti : meniup/ mengepam over 700 balloons, packing the goodies (total of 350 of ikea mug with MGCC -real deal sticker plus a car sticker courtesy from M2U)

Preparation kat Rooftop lak. Beside the word HEROES tu are all the faces of 'heroes' in MGCC. Nearly 400 staffs dah. The red carpet tu is the entrace to rooftop. Now, gambar bawah tu is the nite before. I stayed back till about 11p.m every nite 3 days before the event. And the Big Apple tu is the courtesy (more to kena paksa beli) by Nini. Hihihihi. Thanks nini!!

Permandangan pada hari kejadian. U can see the penyambut tetamu membahagikan the goody bag, the wheel of 'fortune' and the committe posing (pantang nmpk camera - nmpk je camera penat terus hilang and pose)

Antara mereka2 yang datang and support the Magic Inc. Thank you so much. Glad to know that u guys enjoyed the event. The food, the goodies etc. So... what's next? Annual Dinner la... Tungguuuuuuu!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Hi Safwin. Your make up is superb. Everyone wanted to know how you managed to transform me into a lovely maiden...he..he..he.."

That is part of the sms I received today. So glad Sharon a.k.a Sara loved it. I'm glad ppl around her loved it too. She's actually my cousin's boyfriend's cousin. I was quite nervous to make her up for her reception because she will be wearing saree. I must admit that I am quite weak to make hair do. I prefer wearing tudung. I love playing with tudung and try to make ppl look good in tudung. Anyway, I managed to make Sara look beautiful. And most importantly she loved it.

Despite of doing make up for many many many many times, I still feel that I need to take a pro course or something to make my skill better. I never satisfied with my skill eventhough most of my client loves it. For me I need to learn and keep on learning. Coz make up is just like fashion. It will keep on changing. So my foundation must be very strong. Eventhough I had 2 certificates from different 'cikgu', I still feel there is a need to keep on learning. InsyaAllah.

I'm giving myself say 3 years to actually have a 'Bridal & Boutique'. I'm praying and working hard to materialize it. With the support of my siblings and family, insyaAllah it will come true. The mistake I did was not having a dream and plan. Well, ppl learn from mistake. It is definately not easy to be successful. It will definately consume more time, energy and most importantly money. But above all this, it must start off with a dream follow by a plan. That's how it's gonna work and that's how I'm going to make it work.

Wish me luck....Hehehehe....