Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fit Vs Food

I was on leave last Tuesday to accompany Ocha to one of the Fitness Center in Bukit Tinggi. FF in Bukit Tinggi is nothing compared to TF in USJ. TF is like damn so canggih and so class place to get healthy. I was forced (in a way) to go to TF coz was trying to help one of my friend who worked there. They have this quota that the have to meet daily (or is it weekly??). So pretending to be her client, I was brought for a tour in that 3 storey building. Like I said, I was impressed with almost everything there. The equipment, the saunas, jakuzi, steam room etc. Even their dance room (they have this bollywood dance, techno dance dan byk lagi). Maybe I was amazed because that was my first time ever visiting a fitness center. I dont know that you can have fun trying to be healthy. But the fees is kinda 'membunuh'. Especially if you sign up for the personal trainer. I dont know that the fee is membunuh until I visited FF in Bukit Tinggi.

I have to admit that FF is nothing compared to TF (the surrounding i mean). But they have all the baiscs that you need to be healthy. Best thing is, the fee is much much more affordable. Truth is, the whole package of TF is as good as if you enroll yourself at SlimWorld etc. YES! U heard me rite!. But in FF, the admin fee and registration fee is only RM167 (April Promotion). YES! and they dont force you to pay using your card like TF did. TF will charge it to your card under installment. Which mean they have already took up the total amount from the credit limit. But not with FF. The best thing that I like most bout FF is that they allow you to 'freeze' you subsciption up to 12 months (as what the representative said). This is very useful when it comes to fasting month which obviously no one will want to sweat on a threadmill.

Enuff with that. Later in the evening, we (ocha, B2 and tukang sibuk a.k.a yah and me) went to Sunway Pyramid. That was ocha's first visit since the new wing opened. It was my second. The initial plan was to eat at Subway however the tukang sibuk a.k.a yah suggested we try the newly open fast food restaurant called Wendy's. Heavenly superb!. We ate the burger. Yah took 1 slice and I insisted Ocha to take 2 slices burger. We also ordered brocoli and cheese potato baked and chili (NO! not chili's chili). Cewah!!! konon macam tau apa kebenda Chili tu. If not because of Ocha's recommendation (more like paksaan) I will never know the wonderful, superb, marvelous taste of that chili. Credit to Ocha! Yeah...I have to admit that she got the taste and she knows what her siblings like and dislike.

Since I still have the Subway promotion voucher (thanks to Jeffrey), we decided to take away Subway. Not only that, we also tapau J.CO. Yea..J.CO. Call me jakun but this is my first time eating it. I've tasted Big Apple and trying J.Co lak since namanya menjadi sebutan lately. My opinion... I think I like Big Apple better. But J.Co still not bad. Bole la. But Dunkin doughnut is wayy out of the topic. Hehehhe. Kinda lupa daratan huh??!!

Actually there are numbers of kedai makan yang buat we meleleh air liur. Byk gler ok! Nasib perut and poket ada hal limit. Kalu tak... GONE!. So we decide to try Carl's Junior this saturday. Yup, this saturday. No more IKEA weekends. Welcome PYRAMID weekends. Of course if we talk bout Carl's Junior standard, we have to bring along...not you YAH! heheh... we have to bring along our banker... the one who obviously will pay the bills. Yg Berhormat AZUL...Muahahha.

Will upload the pic later. TBC......

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2 weeks!!!!!

Yeah! 2 weeks no update. Been busy lately. Sooo many things happened. My precious WMF2809 pay his visit to his doctor twice this month. 'Workshop Pakcik Mat' is his usual clinic. The first visit due to the timing belt a bit 'tegang' (as what pakcik mat said). So he had to longgar kan a bit. I guess the timing belt is just like me. I was a bit 'tegang' with some things for the past couple weeks. The second visit was because some 'pengcungkil amatur' yg tidak berjaya mengcungkil kereta ku. Alhamdulilah they failed to cungkil the car but their action caused me to repair the door as it can't be open neither from outside nor from inside. Kesimpulannya kereta tak bole bukak pintu. So again, klinik pakcik mat la arah dituju....heheheh.

Since early March a collegue of mine was on MC and later was admitted to hospital. He'd been suffering from gall stone. He went thru few times of checking here and there and finally the doctor decided to laser him. So after all the lasering , home rest for 2 weeks. This is where 'MY OWN' timing belt started to feel 'tegang'. All his work load transfered to me. Well, actually to me and my other collegue. Both of us shared his load. Statistically my work load increase by 37% (statistic given by my bos actually). Not to mention that I am one of MGCC Magic Inc committee and we were busy with our 'Chocolate Fool Day' event. Will explain that later. Going back to the extravaganza work load that I had, I'm amaze that I actually managed to do all the work. Despite of the complaint I made to myself everyday without fail, I still manage to do it. Of course la I have to sacrife my weekend. No more 'IKEA' weekends for me. For the past one month, no more leisuring, lepakking and day dreaming at IKEA. Man!! I missed that! My weekend = struggling in the office.

'Chocolate Fool Day'

This was the ad for the chocolate fool day. 'Fool' day is simply because this chocolate was distributed on the April Fool day itself which is yeterday. Hell memenatkan!!. Imagine to distribute almost 1 thousand boxes to the whole office. Of course with the help of other committe (other committee mostly helped on the distribution part jer, the packaging part biasa la... muka2 wanita2 jer yang buat) Packaging was the most leceh part. But overall it was ok. We managed to get some good profit out of it. No bad...!!!

'Demi masa'

It's been while since I had my last 'mengandam' job. Its not because Im not getting any offer but since my mom passed away I've been avoiding to do it. Why?? Tah la. Mood tak sampai kot. I will only accept the offer if my close friends ask for it. Few weeks back 'S' approached me asking me whether I'm still doing the makeup thing. She wanted me to make up her fren. And I said yes. So the day was last saturday. I was told to be there at 8a.m as the S's friend need to be ready by 9.45 (but her akad at 11am-awal gilos!). I usually need 2 hours for make up and doing hair. It's actually less than that but I usually will sembang2 with the pengantin to get rid of all the butterflies in their stomach. It is proven that if u are panic, nervous, angry etc, the foundation will NOT blend into your skin. Kira nnt nmpk tak sekata. That's why i prefer sembang2 and try to calm the pengantin.

I arrived there at 7.50. U see, when ppl tell me I need to be at their place at 8am, I expect that person would be ready by the time I arrive. Meaning, I can just straight do what I'm suppose to do. What I dont like is, bila aku smpi la baru nk terhegeh2 nk mandi la., nk berak la, nk tu la nk ni la. COME ON! For God sake, havent they heard of 'DEMI MASA'. Please la. Value time. To my supprise, in the house they have this poster of 'DEMI MASA'..... Buat apa gantung kalu lu tak baca. Buat apa baca kalu lu tak buat. Buat menyemak jo poster tuh! Sakit hati gua tgk!! Tapi nasib baik la pengantin yang gua mekap tu pandai cover. Sambil mekap sambil sembang. She's not bad. Very talkative. She a lawyer, she has to be talkative! Hehehehe. This is a pic of her taken before (actually tgh apply foundation -lupa nk snap before start) and after. She wanted the make up to be 'natural'. Alhamdulilah she love it. So far I never fail my client. Hope my talent stays that way.