Saturday, June 28, 2008

1) Kakak - Kakak admitted to SMC this morning due to some infection in her usus. She was ok when she had her breakfast kat Kapar Town but later she complained 'sakit perut' to the extend nk jalan pun susah. Her papa and mama bawak gi clinic and later was refered to SMC. The doctor took her blood for blood test. The result should be out soon.

I dont really like menunggu org sakit ni. Kita pun bole sakit. Letih ooo... Menjaga org sakit memerlukan takan kesabaran yang tinggi. Which I dont think I have that. Hehehehe

2) Acai - From my previous post I mentioned that I visited Rumah Kanak2 Tengku Budriah. Well, supposedly there is another visit today (dept lain yg buat, I jer sesibuk nk gi lagik) however it is postponed to next month. Sedey gak la.. Sebab I'm looking forward nk jumpa Acai. My fav. Well it is more like I'm his favourite. Heheheh. Comel kan.. Masa gi sana he will never let me go out of his sight. Nk dukung la segala bagai. And jgn harap budak lain can seat beside me. Mmg dia tak bagi.
Just look at him. Isn't he so adorable. Cuteeee. Jatuh cinta trus ngan mamat kecik sorang nih. Hihihihihihih. I still dont know his background. But I will definately find out. I'm so in love with this cute little boy.

3) Alisa - Mawar's dotter confirm kena undergo chemotheraphy. Oh dear!. I tak bole tgk my late mom chemo apatah lagi a cute-not-yet-3 years old gal. Mmg hebat dugaan ALLAH bagi kat mawar. Apa2 pun, usaha la selagi terdaya. 1 advise from me Mawar, pls dont take any susu kambing kononnya utk cure the CA. NEVER!!. I've seen what susu kambing can do to a CA patient. It make the CA worse!! So please. Get away from susu kambing.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Lama seh tak update blog. Here are some things in my life lately.

1. Charity - Visited Rumah Kebajikan Kanak2 Tengku Budriah at Cheras last Saturday. Penat nak mampos. But I had fun. Seronok melayan budak2 yg kurang nasib baik. This event organized by ECCO (E-channel Menara) and Magic Inc (MGCC-Bkt Jelutong). Every month Maybank will send representative to tmpt nih. Those kids pun mmg expect Maybankers to come every month to pampered them with love.

2. Alisa - Mawar's dotter. She was diagnosed to have a tumor dlm kepala. Tumor sebesar RM0.50 tu MIGHT have CA cells. The tumor was successfully removed last Friday. Todate I still haven't got the time to visit her. I will be taking leave this Wednesday to pay her a visit at Damansara Specialist Hospital. To Mawar, byk2 bersabar. Allah takan duga kalau umatnya itu tak dapat menerima dugaan itu. U are strong that's why u are chosen to be tested with all this.

3. Transfer - I might got the transfer I wanted (siap gaduh dgn bos tuh). Well, at least that's what my boss informed me last wednesday. However, on Friday my bos said to me... 'I might have to think it over again. I think I need to do Isytiharah on whether shall I release u or not'. Eh!!! Hampeh gler... He IS ALWAYS like that. What ever it is, memana pun sama sebenarnya. Mana you campak pun I will still do my job. But it would be better kalau I can gain new experience. Cuma kalu tetiba my tahap kebohsanan melanda... Well.. be prepared my dearest bos. I sometimes do what I myself dont expected. Heheheh

4. Unsolve issues - My biggest and most critical problem have reach the max (I think...). I still have yet to find the solution. Truth is I have no idea how to live for the next 3 months but I do hope it can be solved by then.

5. Unwanted dreams - At this point of time I dont see the importance of having you in my life or in my dreams. However, it seems that you are appearing in my dreams more than you have in real life. Truth is I dont need you to colour my dreams. My dreams would be better without you. (I hope). So please...shhyyyuuhhh!!!

6. Unhealthy 3 weeks - I have not visited FF for the past 3 weeks (or more??). I was so busy sampai tak sempat 'fikir' bila nk gi (Yeah! blame it on your schedule!!!). So basically i'm taking leave this wednesday not only to visit Mawar's dotter but also to visit my RM155-monthly-fee-fully equip-sweating place. Hehehehe.

That's all folks...!!! See ya

Monday, June 2, 2008

Have you ever feel that you really know someone but in reality you dont?

Have you ever feel that he's the one but it turn out to be otherwise?

Have you ever hope to forget bout him but his image is glued to your mind?

Have you ever hope that he will not be the one but at the same time you know that only him can make you happy?

Have you ever try to avoid him but whenever you see him your heart will immediately stop functioning?

Have you ever hope that you can erase all the mistakes you've done and forgive each other?

Have you ever wish that you did not have a fight with him and everything is back to normal?

Have you ever wish that you didn't meet him at all so that you dont have to go thru all the pain?

Have you ever???.....Well....I Do....

I do hope I can forget bout him forever. It's been 4 years...It's time ( I said that every year for the past 4 years)

I do hope any of us can end this fight. I tried. But both of us just too stuborn!

I do hope I dont have to see his face anymore.

But at the same time I do hope that we can be friends again....

Truth is I dont know what to hope. But I do know that this is killing me. The time will come. Either I go... or you...